CMCO extended at localities in Selangor, Sabah, KL, Penang, Johor, Perak, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan


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KUALA LUMPUR DEC.28: The government had decided to extend the Conditional Control Movement Order (CMCO) at several localities affecting the state of Selangor, Sabah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Perak, Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan due to the sudden surge of positive COVID-19 cases within two weeks of the imposition of the Order.

Senior and Defence Minister , Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, Selangor had been imposed with CMCO until 31st Dec. 2020 except in the districts of Hulu Selangor, Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam.

Ismail said, until 27th Dec. 2020, the cumulative total of new COVID-19 cases were 29,272 and within 14 days the state had recorded 8,194 new cases and had turned nine districts into red zones.

“Following the emergence of red zones affecting nine districts in Selangor, the Ministry of Health (MOH) had agreed to extend CMCO until 14th January 2021,” said Ismail in his daily press conference here today.

Meanwhile CMCO in Mukim 13, Timur Laut and Mukim 12, Barat Daya Penang should end on 31st Dec.2020 but was extended to another 14 days until 14th January 2021.

According to Ismail, MOH had informed that many new cases were recorded while existing clusters were still active within 14 days until 26th Dec.2020.

CMCO is also extended in Kuala Lumpur from 1st Jan. until 14th Jan2021 due to the drastic surge in new COVID-19 cases and the existence of several new clusters in the territory.

Ismail said, until 27th Dec.2020, 12,494 positive COVID-19 cases had been recorded in Kuala Lumpur and within 14 days 4,379 new cases had been recorded.

Meantime in Negeri Sembilan, CMCO had also been extended in the district of Seremban effective from 1st Jan.until 14th Jan.2021 as it had recorded 861 cases besides the existence of many active clusters.

On the other hand, Ismail said, Port Dickson had only recorded 22 cases in 14 days and due to the declining trend, MOH had agreed to end the CMCO earlier on 28th Dec.2020.

On another development, the Enhanced MCO (EMCO) in Seremban Prison and Seremban Prison Quarters had been lifted earlier today (28th Dec.2020) due to the remaining active cases in the prison had been declining and under control while there was no sample waiting for the test result.

MOH had carried out 1,872 screen tests and out of which 1,079 cumulative positive COVID-19 had been recorded involving detainees and the staffs of the prison.

The Senior Minister added, the government had also decided to extend the CMCO in the districts of Johor Bahru and Batu Pahat while the Order in Kulai was lifted on 28th Dec. 2020 due to the declining trend of COVID-19 cases.

“The CMCO should end on 31st Dec.2020 but due to 756 cases existed within two weeks beginning 26th Dec. in Johor Bahru and 151 cases in Batu Pahat within 14 days, MOH had extended CMCO from 1st Jan. until 14th Jan.2021,” said Ismail.

Ismail added, the Enhanced MCO (EMCO) in Kluang Prison and Kluang Prison Quarters had been extended from 1st Jan. until 14th Jan. 2021.

Until today, Ismail said, MOH had screened tested 1,974 individuals and recorded 447 new positive COVID-19 cases among the detainees and prison’s staffs.

On another development, CMCO had been extended in Sabah effective 1st until 14th Jan.2021 as 36,074 cases had been recorded in the state and within 14 days 3,243 new positive cases had been recorded.

MOH had also agreed to extend CMCO in Sabah due to the rise in its daily new cases in the whole state.

On the other hand, the EMCO had been lifted in Kg. Dasar Baru and Kg. Desa Bajau, Lahad Datu, Sabah on 29th Dec.2020 as scheduled as the localities had shown a declining trend in new positive COVID-19 cases and had been under control.

EMCO had also been imposed in Kg. Paginatan and Kg. Maringkan, Ranau, Sabah effective 29th Dec.2020 until 11th Jan.2021 following 89 positive COVID-19 cases had been detected from 529 screen tests at the two localities.

The EMCO is to enable MOH to carry out targeted screenings on all 865 people in the two localities.

In Perak, the CMCO in Ipoh Area and Chemor in Mukim Hulu Kinta had been lifted earlier today (28th Dec.2020) and the two localities had shown a drastic declining trend and COVID-19 was under control.

However EMCO had been extended in the Immigration Detention Depot Langkap and Staff Quarters effective 1st Jan. until 14 Jan.2021 following 597 positive COVID-19 cases had been detected from 1,132 screen tests.

In Kelantan, the EMCO is imposed on Madrasah Daril Naim, Padang Halban, Mukim Peringat, Kota Bharu effective 29th Dec.2020 until 11 Jan.2021.

According to MOH, there was a drastic surge of COVID-19 cases in the localities and until 25th Dec.2020, 99 screen tests had been carried out while 69 samples had no results yet. –Malaysia World News

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