Clusters at the work place contribute the major portion of 1,309 new COVID-19 cases today – Dr. Noor Hisham

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PUTRAJAYA NOV 29: Malaysia records 1,333 patients discharged today, higher than the daily new COVID-19 cases of 1,309 bringing the cumulative total to 64,485 with 52,647 grand totals of discharged cases.

Director General of Health, Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said, 11,481 cases are still active while three deaths have been recorded bringing the death toll to 357 (0.55%).

Dr. Noor Hisham added, one non-citizen aged 130 years old was brought to the Tuaran Hospital, Sabah. The information about the man was received from his family member and the local authorities.

However he said, the dead man was without any authentic document and as such the information about him was limited including his age.

Dr. Noor Hisham added, 116 from the new cases had been admitted to the Intensive Care Units while 42 needed respiratory aids.

“The new cases today was partly contributed by 49 clusters that had recorded an increase in infection numbers and it included Awan Biru Construction Site (367 cases) Bintang (76) and Bayam Indah (52).

“The 49 clusters were among 183 still monitored by the Ministry of Health (MOH) today. The four new clusters formed include Sungai Mulia Construction Site, Kuala Lumpur with 23 cases, 27 cases from Batu Lima in Sabah, eight cases from Yayasan in Selangor while six cases from Hilir cluster in Kelantan,” said Dr. Noor Hisham in a statement here today.

The highest contributor of new COVID-19 cases today said Dr. Noor Hisham is Kuala Lumpur with 493 (37.7%) from the daily record with 473 or 95.9% was from the cluster at the work place specifically construction site.

Dr. Noor Hisham also highlighted on Sabah contributing 290 cases or 22.2% from the daily cases while Selangor has recorded 238 or 18.2%.
Meanwhile the states recording new COVID-19 cases today include Kuala Lumpur being the highest with 493 cases, Sabah (290), Selangor (238), Negeri Sembilan (32), Kedah (52), Penang (46), Perak (77), Labuan (35), Johor (37), Pahang (1), Melaka (1) Kelantan (6) and Terengganu (1). – Malaysia World News


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