Civil servants should work professionally and with accountability – PM Anwar



PUTRAJAYA 31 DEC: The Unity Government should run its daily business based on a paradigm shift that had been talked about for a long time but little has been done especially on the old practices.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said reformation should be done especially in the development aspect which is regarded as critical.

Anwar said, mega and multi-million cost buildings had been built but the livelihoods of the people have been neglected.

“The development of the country such as building the railways is compulsory but please bear in mind that development should not destroy the value of mankind.

“The big companies reaped high profits but the workers’ salaries are low. The job opportunities given to them should not necessarily “destroy” their morals and values,” Anwar said in a special speech in conjunction with New Year 2023 celebration via live telecast on TV1 this evening.

The Tambun Member of Parliament also reminded the civil servants to reform the old practices such as collecting bonuses and big presents from the people concerned. There have been small changes but still negligence continues.

“Believe me these old practices will not be tolerated as due to negligence the country will soon be destroyed. I hope there will be a change if not action will be taken on those responsible,” Anwar said.

The Prime Minister stressed that civil servants should work professionally, independently, and with accountability.

On the religion aspect, Anwar highlighted that some people spoke on racial issues and made judgments not based on facts.

“The Unity Government has always harped on the issue that mosques should be used as a place to promote/empower Islam such as giving religious training to the youths.

“The mosque should prevent itself from becoming a place to increase hatred and stir conflicts among the people. The duty of Muslims is to increase the knowledge of Islam among Muslims and also non-Muslims.

“If this is not being carried out then the symptoms of Islam phobia will increase and the religion will fail to lead people for goodness but hatred and badness,” Anwar said.

The 10th Prime Minister also mentioned that certain concerned parties had reminded the Unity Government to distribute part of the fund that has been discovered to be returned to the people.

Anwar added, the Unity Government should move on as advised by certain people and said he could pardon the people if it is on personal grounds. However, if it continues then the effect will be on the people.

He said the Prime Minister cannot escape as the authorities should be seen as clean but instead involved in millions of money. If this happens, this will not only be the responsibility of the politicians but also the people.

The Prime Minister hopes 2023 will be a better period in health aspects and economic growth with political stability. This will only materialize if all the people have a positive attitude towards the development and prosperity of the country. –Malaysia World News


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