Chinese woman pretending she was kidnapped found by police in a luxury hotel room relaxing

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China (Says) – A woman in China pretended she was kidnapped by her ex-husband in order to break up with her boyfriend after finding out that he was poor.

 Fearing  the poor man would ‘get too clingy’ and refuse to leave her, the 37-year-old woman cooked many stories.

At first she pretended to be her ex-husband and sent threatening messages to the boyfriend, saying that she had been killed and her body had been thrown into a lake in Wuhan city, Hubei province, in central China.

She wanted to leave her 36-year-old boyfriend after visiting his home during Chinese New Year and finding out he was ‘really poor’

The woman, surnamed Yu, disappeared from their dormitory on the night of 21 February, shortly after she had returned from her boyfriend’s hometown in Yichang city for Chinese New Year.

Later she then called her boyfriend on his phone, telling him that she had been kidnapped.

“Come and save me, my ex-husband has kidnapped me, come quickly. I think I’m on the highway already,” she cried before the line went dead, reported Daily Mail.

From thereon, the boyfriend, identified only by his surname Lin, received several messages from someone claiming to be Yu’s ex-husband, threatening to murder her.

“Call the police and your wife is dead,” one of the messages read.

The woman had hoped that by continuing the kidnapping act her boyfriend would “give up”. However, he reported the incident to Huangpi police after failing to negotiate with the “kidnapper”.

The Huangpi police launched an investigation. They checked surveillance footages and a team of 20 officers was finally able to locate the woman at a motel in Tenglong district.

According to Chutian Metropolis Daily, when they arrived at the motel, they were shocked to find the “victim” resting in one of the rooms at the hotel. She was not hurt.


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