Chinese citizens granted MyKad were wives of Malaysian citizens



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Putrajaya: The National Registration Department (NRD) warns stern action would be taken against social media users who spread the news that Chinese citizens have been issued with MyKad.

Recently speculation was rife on social media lthat MyKad was issued to Chinese citizens, which caused confusion and anxiety among the people.

The NRD in a statement today denied such accusation and vowed to take action against those speculate the slander.

NRD also clarifies that the government is granting citizenship only to Chinese immigrants who are married to local citizens.

According to the statement, the Chinese citizens who have been issued with MyKad are wives of Malaysian nationals . They are eligible for citizenship under Article 15 (1) of the Federal Constitution.”The application and approval for Malaysian citizenship is not confined to just one particular group of people.

“We have received and approved applications received from various other races and ethnic groups in Malaysia,”the statement read.

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