China is against any kind of forced transfer and resettlement of the Palestinian people –Minister Wang Yi

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ISTANBUL (Turkiye) – The Palestinians from Gaza who have been besieged
should not be evicted but instead a ceasefire should be implemented as the main objective.

Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi in a meeting with a group of foreign ministers from the member states of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said, the ceasefire is not a diplomatic rhetoric but is a question of life and death to the Gaza people.

According to the Foreign Ministry of China as quoted by Anadolu Agency, the Foreign Minister of Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt and Jordan have met their counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing, China to discuss the situation in Gaza.

The OIC highest diplomat plans to visit other countries to urge for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

As reported by Bernama, the OIC Secretary General, Hussein Brahim Taha was also in the delegation

Wang added, the ceasefire is very important for the people of Gaza and also the consensus hope of the people who love peace around the world.

The Chinese Foreign Minister also urged that international law and international humanitarian law should be followed and added: “China is against any kind of forced transfer and resettlement of the Palestinian people.

“Israel should stop the collective punishment on the people of Gaza and open the humanitarian corridor the soonest possible to avoid more serious humanitarian disaster.”

In supporting the OIC diplomatic efforts and the Arab states, Wang said, “Any coordination involving the Palestinians must get the agreement of the Palestine people and it must also solve the worries of the states in the region.

Repeating Beijing’s stand on Palestine, Wang said, any solution to the current situation should not be out from the solution of the two countries and aids towards peacefulness and the regional stability.

He added, the United Nations Security Council must listen to the Arab countries and Muslims’ calls besides taking responsible action to normalise the situation.

As the Chairman at the UN Security Council, Wang said, China will continue to strengthen coordination with the Arab and Islamic countries, to build consensus and encourage the Security Council to take meaningful action on the situation in Gaza.

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