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Chef Wan
MW News- Exclusive Interview with celebrity Chef Wan

“Food made the world a better place to live in. Cooking nice food for people shows love and compassion. It shows the importance of loving people. To understand food is to understand where we come from. Just think about how wonderful are those small moments we spend with our families and friends sharing one table,” said celebrity Chef Wan .

According to him, food is love, friendship, peace, and happiness. It brings us together, connects friends  and family members to each other.

“Moreover, when you serve nice food to people, regardless of their skin color, race or religion, you create peace within.”

” I feel enormous joy because I was able to bring smiles. My journey in culinary  has been a fantastic work that I was able to break bridges between cultures in so many countries I visited and made shows in, ” he added.

What distinguishes Datuk Chef Wan from other celebrity chefs in the country is that he is a multi-talented person, with a lot of experience, traveled a lot, and know not only about other countries` culinary arts but the history of their  cuisines, their cultures, and taste.


The young chefs you see  nowadays on cooking  TV shows can tell a bit stories, but they are not effective enough in terms of their teaching, or in term of making  fun and comedy while in the  TV shows because they need to think fast as you do not have too much time when the camera rolling, he said.

Dato Chef Wan worked with many international directors from all over the world. In England, they acknowledge him as the best TV Chef.

“They say, Chef Wan, you are full of energy, you do  not need a script, full of humor, very pleasant, and very nice to everybody, besides being a big star.

Actually, people like Chef Wan`s shows because he is very entertaining and engaging, at the same time he has the personality that everybody likes to watch,  never get bored with. Cooking and teaching with a smile and fun, plus understanding the fundamental skills of culinary arts.

When asked about healthy food in Malaysia in comparison to other nations, he said: “there is a lot of misconceptions. For example, people in some countries eat the brain of steamed sheep head. For those people, it is something delicious and nice, but for Malaysians who are not used to it`s disgusting, and same go with some recipes from Malaysia.”


” Our Malaysian recipes are perceived to be so spicy, oily and so on yet they are many Western and Europeans who love our spicy recipes. Some people in England are crazy about spicy food. he said.

However, chef Wan recognizes Japanese food as the best healthy food in Asian.

” For me, I would like to find food that is  broader. From Asian recipes, I like the variety of Japanese food- thing that is clean cut, delicious, picked up from mountains and sea, at the right moment, very seasonal, the taste is optimum, the style of the food presentation is beautiful, and when you eat it is not heavy at all.

But, when it comes to healthy food, Chef Wan said, we have to blame ourselves, not the food. Some people just have a very bad eating habit, or they do not have any taste for choosing the right food at the right moment, they just eat to fill the stomach.

“We make the wrong decision. If you eat  every day the same thing – every day fries and oily or too sweet food, or too  much spicy food, of course, you will end up not good, fatty,  obese, not healthy, and unhappy.

The best thing is to eat a variety of food, if you eat in daytime rice or noodles, for example, it would be better to have only a sandwich at night.

Chef Wan with his family- receiving grand brand Laureat award
Chef Wan with his family- receiving grand brand Laureat award

Chef wan is not only a cook,  but an author, actor, storyteller, comedian, adventurer, tourism ambassador, fashion product ambassador, and teacher. He has published more than 13 cookbooks with more than 400 recipes, over than 30 years cooking experience.

“These books help so many families start a cooking business, and I m so glad to help,”  he said.

His Malaysian Asian cookbooks are best selling all over the world. I saw his cookbooks in one of the biggest bookshops in Perth,  Australia when I was strolling down the road 4 years ago.

He is not only promoting Malaysia`s cuisine to the world but Malaysian hospitality and flavor – he was awarded `best tourism ambassador!

About his latest award winning, he has recently  granted ‘ The mega iconic leadership award ` grand brand Laureat .

” It` s very difficult to get that award because you need to be a big brand that is recognized by the world,” he said.

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