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Kyung-In Women’s University nurtures female talents with professional occupation in Korea

Kyung –In Women’s University (KIWU) was established with the educational goals of nurturing female talents.

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South Korea’s foreign policy upholds rules-based international order

The geopolitical tensions such as the conflicts in the Middle East and the war in.

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Public golf course built on Sudokwon Landfill site used by 160,000 Korean citizens annually

Sudokwon Landfill situated 35km. east of Incheon International Airport is the world’s largest landfill built.

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Asian journalists calls out, adopts “2024 Baengnyeong Island Freedom and Peace Declaration”

INCHEON: The Asia Journalists Association (AJA) comprised of journalists from 40 Asian countries today (Monday).

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ICC considering issuing arrest warrant for Netanyahu, ministers: Report

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is feared a possible arrest from the International Criminal Court.

Saudia Launches Beta Version of Revolutionary Digital Platform

Saudi Arabia has launched its innovative digital platform, the Travel Companion (TC), powered by advanced.

Unprecedented heavy rain shut down Dubai, passengers stranded at Dubai airport

United Arab Emirates (UAE) witnessed the heaviest rainfall on Tuesday, which led to frustrating disruptions.

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Iran launched dozens of drones and missiles at Israel

Iran has launched dozens of drones and missiles at Israel, the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

new york
4.8 magnitude earthquake hit New York City, New Jersey and other surrounding areas

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Consulate General of Malaysia in New.

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Public hearing on Israel’s policy in Palestinian territory from 52 countries

RAMALLAH: The International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague has started a public hearing,.

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International Court orders Israel to immediately stop the killings in Gaza 

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has been vindicated in her call for Israel to be held accountable.

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Israel breached UN Genocide Convention, South Africa tells the International Court at first hearing

THE HAGUE: Israel is committing the crime of genocide, South Africa told the International Court.

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Israel rejects South Africa`s application to the International Court of Justice over genocide in Gaza

Israel rejected the application that South Africa had submitted to the International Court of Justice,.

yunus bangladesh
Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus sentenced to six months in prison just few days before the general election in Bangladesh 

DHAKA: Just a few days before the general election in Bangladesh, which is scheduled for.

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Steve Lai appointed as BBC News Chief Presenter in Singapore…ter-in-singapore/ The BBC has announced the appointment of Steve Lai as Chief Presenter in Singapore.

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100 journalists killed since Palestine-Israel conflict started 7th Oct.2023

  Gaza: With the death of the Palestinian journalist Muhammed Abu Hweidy recently, the number.

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Several Japanese ministers resign over corruption scandal

Three Japanese ministers, including Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura, Internal Affairs and Communications.

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Malaysia condemns continued atrocities, disregard for healthcare facilities in Gaza

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia unequivocally condemns the continued atrocities by the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) in.

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Clashes in France, thousands marched to protest against police brutality

  PARIS: Tens of thousands of people marched in Paris and nationwide to protest police.

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Typhoon Daniel in Libya: Two Malaysians confirmed safe in Marsa El Brega

  KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia extends its deepest sympathies and condolences to all the victims and.

morocco earthquake 2023
Morocco earthquake: Villagers hit by the temblor need help, Many countries came to rescue and aid

Thousands of people were trapped Friday night when a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Morocco in North.

Releasing treated water ALPS by Japan into the Pacific Ocean follows international safety standards – IAEA

  KUALA LUMPUR: – Referring to the release of treated water by the Government of.

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Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan jailed over corruption allegations

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan has been sentenced to three years in prison by.

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Two more London universities ranked among the world’s top 10 institutions

Two more London universities have been ranked among the world’s top 10 institutions by the.

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7 healthy foods to control and lower your blood pressure

If you have hypertension (high blood pressure), it’s important to follow a healthy diet that.

About 170 people died in India due to sweltering heatwave

About 170 people have died India in recent days amid a sweltering heatwave, authorities say..

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A man suspected of fathering 600 children ordered by a court to stop donating his sperm

Jonathan Meijer, a 41-year-old Dutchman, who was suspected of fathering between 500 and 600 children.

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Fighting continues in Sudan despite calls for ceasefire 

Despite having agreed to a 24-hour ceasefire the RSF and Sudanese army continue fighting and.

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British govt urges smokers to swap cigarettes for vapes

LONDON: Up to one million smokers will be given “vapes,” including pregnant women, to help.

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Trump claims people were “crying” when he was arrested

Former President Donald Trump, who was charged with 34 criminal counts related to falsifying business.

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Dalai Lama apologizes after video of him kissing a child and asking him to “suck” his tongue went viral

Dalai Lama issued an apology on Monday after a video of him kissing a child.

Iranian wins 1st prize, $800,000 in Quran competition in Saudi Arabia

Younes Shahmoradi from Iran has won first place and was awarded a prize of $800,000.

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20 Umrah pilgrims killed in bus crash in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: A bus carrying Umrah pilgrims to Mecca crashed at a bridge and caught in.

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Malaysia welcomes the restoration of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia welcomes the agreement on the restoration of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of.

AJA urges Iran government to find a peaceful solution to the Hijab Protests

In a statement today, Asia Journalist Association (AJA) urges Iran’s government for a peaceful solution.

Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar officially launches Sompoton Spa, partnership with European Wellness

KUALA LUMPUR: Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar officially launched its Sompoton Spa centre on 6th December.

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Indonesia to pass new laws banning sex outside of marriage

Unmarried couples in Indonesia will face up to a year jail if caught breaking having.

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AJA held international forum on World Expo 2030 in Busan, Korea

BUSAN: Asia Journalist Association (AJA) has held an international forum on World Expo 2030 here.

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Qatar bans beer at World Cup stadiums

Qatar urges the FIFA officials to stop selling beers and allowing people to drink at.

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151 people, mostly teenagers and young adults, died at Halloween celebration in South Korea

SEOUL: At least 151 people, mostly teenagers and young adults, died at Halloween celebration in.

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UK’s Truss resigning as PM, said she could not deliver what she promised

LONDON: Liz Truss said she has notified His Majesty the King that she is resigning.

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth dies, Prince Charles becomes the King and inherits all

LONDON: Prince Charles has become the King of England after Queen Elizabeth died at Balmoral.

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Father and coach caught on cam patting and grabbing sixteen-year-old tennis player’s butt at US Open

Thousands of tennis fans across the world took to social media today critisizing the father.

Makkah Imam Sheikh Saleh Al Talib Arrested 1024x683 1
Saudi Arabia sentences Imam of Grand Mosque to 10 years in Prison for ‘condemning concerts and events’

Former Imam of Masjid al-Haram Sheikh Saleh al Talib has been sentenced to 10 years.

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Man knifed to death near Oxford Street, London

London: A man has been stabbed to death in broad daylight near the famous hot.

liz sunak
Rishi Sunak launches plans to tackle Islamist extremism in UK

Rishi Sunak has announced plans to treat those who “vilify Britain” as extremists and refer.

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Extreme heatwave hits UK, people warned not to go out

London: People in the UK are advised to stay home this week, do not go.

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Experts warn UK might face a fifth wave of coronavirus infections

Experts warn UK might face a fifth wave of coronavirus infections driven by the BA.4.

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Sri Lanka’s President flees to Singapore after massive anti-government protesters stormed his palace

  Sri Lanka’s president Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his wife Ioma have fled to Singapore on.

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Iraqi-born Zahawi bids to become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

After the fall of Boris Johnson, many politicians are now racing for the post of.