Enjoy pure nature and rustic life in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Cameron Highlands, Bala Chalet – Photo Malaysia World News (MWN)_

Tourists who like to see the marvellous nature of lush landscapes and stay somewhere far away from the bustling cities usually choose to visit Cameron Highland, a small hilly town with cooler temperature 150 km north of Kuala Lumpur at the state of Pahang.

Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular tourist`s destinations in Malaysia and in the world. It is stated, “a voyager who did not set foot in this scenic town has never been to Malaysia, neither has he or she seen much of the world yet.”

Travellers choose Cameron Highlands as they love to stroll in tea plantations, go trekking in the wondrous jungles, or just enjoy the beautiful sceneries and spend a cosy holiday in aboriginal homes or old British colonial cottages surrounded by exotic rain forests, flower gardens and green hills.

Everything seems to be luring travellers and tourists in there, from the refreshing temperatures, beautiful sceneries to the exotic habitats.

The first time I set foot in this lush corner of Malaysia, after adventuring into a long hilly winding road, I was astonished, spellbound, and felt like I was lost in a thrilling fairy world.The town is made up of green hills covered with tea leaves, multicolour groves, tall trees, and deep caves.

Some tourists love to go there and stay in Terra’s Tree House, such wooden rooms deep in the jungle where you can smell only wood and rain and glimpse of serenity.  

cameron highlands windings road

Terra’s Tree House hotel is a haven for those who appreciate nature, fresh air, peace, calm and quietness.  This small jungle hotel looks like the Orang Asli (indigenous people) homes that they built with their own hands, just with wood and bamboos.

Other tourists choose to stay in Bala’s Holiday Chalet, a charming English cottage located in a private hill, 5-minute drive from Tanah Rata Town.

The above two mentioned accommodations are just few among dozens of places in Cameron Highlandswhere you find yourself in a pure nature and rustic life.

bala chalet cameron highland
Bala’s Holiday Chalet (MWN)

Hiking and nature spotting is another unforgettable experience through the lush forests. But do not forget to bring water and a map with you before you go hiking in the jungle and also to watch out the weather forecast.

We also spent a lovely full day roaming around the green hills of tea plantations and we ended our afternoon over a cup of tea at the scenic Boh Sungei Palas where we could stare to the beautiful, green valleys and the floating clouds over the high hills of tea plantations.

The people of Cameron Highlands have an English influence. Taxi drivers and most people there speak English. The local taxi driver who took us around the tea plantations was a good tourist guide as he could tell us the history of tea plantation and gave us a lot of information and insights about the highlands and its original people.

The scenic hill was founded by a British man, Sir William Cameron and the town was named after him.

The town has become famous globally; it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world for its colonial buildings, natural jungles, green hills of tea (Boh Tea Plantation), flora, and strawberry fields located on scenic hillsides.

cameron highland tea plantation magical malaysia
Cameron Highlands tea plantations – Photo Malaysia World News (MWN)

If you choose to enjoy the coldness of Cameron Highlands then plan to go there between December and February. However rain is common all the year round even though the monsoon season is between November and February and dry season is between February and April.

Cameron Highlands has become one of the biggest and successful ecotourism destinations in Malaysia for its beautiful and highly conserved natural sceneries as well as for its sustainable travel and economic activities. –Malaysia World News

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