Cabinet Ministers will announce their 100 Days Report Card to the people to evaluate their performances –PM Ismail

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PUTRAJAYA SEPT.30:  The Cabinet Ministers are directed to announce the 100 Days Report Card of the Malaysian Family Aspirations to the people to evaluate the achievements and performances of the ministers and the ministries for the prosperity of the Malaysian Family.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the government places the aspirations’ achievement of every Cabinet Minister as the highest priority to give the best service to the people.

“On the 24th and 29th Sept. 2021, I had the sessions with all 31 Cabinet Ministers to finalise the list of aspirations that have been proposed.

“The performance of the Cabinet Ministers will be evaluated based on three main elements namely the Ministry’s Performance Evaluation/Department, Leadership Evaluation based on the productivity initiative effectiveness and the Public Perception Evaluation towards the Cabinet Ministers and Ministry/Department under their responsibilities,” Ismail said in a statement here today.  

Meanwhile the Cabinet Ministers’ Meeting on 10th September 2021has agreed that the Cabinet Ministers will have to present their performance report on every aspiration in the first 100 days of the Government under the leadership of Prime Minister effective 1st Sept.2021 that was the first Cabinet Ministers’ meeting held.

The Prime Minister said, the implementation of the initiatives for every aspiration will be based on six main principles as follows; 1) restructure the economy 2) guarantee the safety and peacefulness of the nation 3) increase the social prosperity 4) increase the whole infrastructure 5) strengthens the unity in Malaysian Family Framework 6) to empower the service delivery.

Ismail added, for these matters, the Chief Secretary to the Government Office, Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) and the Joint Prosperity Delivery (SEPADU) will act as a joint-facilitator to ensure the planning, implementation, monitoring and the improvisation of every aspiration of Malaysian Family will be achieved successfully. –Malaysia World News     


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