Bully complaint portal launched to enable students get protection from authorities

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PUTRAJAYA: The drug and bully issues among students in the schools nationwide could only be addressed and solved with close cooperation between the Royal Police Malaysia (RPM), National Anti-Doping Agency (AADK), Parent-Teacher Association and members of the community.

Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin said, the bully and drug issues among students are big problems that could only be solved with the cooperation and agreement with all the parties concerned.

“Drug as the number one enemy of the nation as announced by the government in 1984 still remain dangerous until today. However it could be solved if all parties could identify the children involved in drugs at the early stage to undergo counselling session. This could be done with the cooperation of RPM and AADK.”

The Minister said that at the launching of the “Sekolahku Sejahtera, Sepakat and Selamat” at SMK Putrajaya Presinct 14 (1) here today.

“I would like to inform the teachers that the bully issue among students could be solved with the commitment and honesty shown by the teachers in the schools.

“The bully victims feel that they are alone and the school does not want to help them. This situation is not healthy for the victims as they will live in anxiety and is not good for their future and the country as well.

“If drug and bully issues could be solved then the country will be respected by the world and the youngsters will lead a successful future.

“I hope the portal to lodge bully issues launched today will be fully utilised by the people nationwide. The administrator of the portal should also give necessary advice to the people for the future of our country,” Hamzah said.

Meanwhile, Senior Education Minister, Datuk Dr. Mohd.Radzi Md. Jidin said, everybody should be honest on the real problems happening in the schools nationwide.

“There should not be any attempt to hide the drug and bully problems among students in the schools as we should know the level of the recent cases.

“The school should instil important values in life when the students completed their studies,” Mohd. Radzi said in his speech.

Mohd. Radzi added, the Ministry of Education will ensure all schools are safe with the cooperation of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“After two years heading the Ministry, various issues such as bully among students, sexual harassments and discipline besides drug problems have been reduced through hard work, honesty and frankness.

“Today the bully complaint portal is launched to enable those affected could lodge their reports freely. In the past complaints lodged to the school teachers have not been supported and entertained properly.

“The telephone line and whatsapp are opened 24 hours. The Ministry and the parents should be in agreement to solve this problem via cooperation with the police to further investigate the bully issue,” he said.

Mohd. Radzi said more than 4,000 hostel wardens have been appointed nationwide with their allowances increased by 25 per cent after 25 years being stagnant.

He said, the wardens now could work on shift and the monitoring of students in the hostels could be improved. –Malaysia World News

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