British students visit YPC International College Malaysia, amazed by different cultures and harmony

Ljmu lecturers and students visit ypc international college malaysia
YPC Principal Datuk Dr,Noel Robert giving a token of appreciation to LJMU student Emily at YPC Cultural Day (Friday, Nov 9)

YPC International College has recently hosted 10 students and two lecturers from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) UK in its first “educational and cultural exchange programme” that started from 4th to 10th November.

In this 7-day exchange programme, students from both countries (Malaysia and United Kingdom) had an international experience that helped develop self-confidence, adaptability and cultural awareness, giving students the edge when it comes to employability.

As Business Management students and lecturers, the highlight of the trip revolved around visits to local business operations. Through these visits, students learnt on the opportunities and challenges in the Malaysian business environment and the potential growth of the industry. Concurrently, students were also exposed to the diversity of the Malaysian cultures – this created exciting and memorable experiences which allowed them to meet new people and learn new skills.


Senior lecturer from Liverpool Business School, LJMU, Dr Abel Duarte said the visit had multiple benefits and one of them was for LJMU students to know various aspects of Malaysian cultures besides business exposures, perspectives and entrepreneurship beyond UK.

“From the trip, we found out that there are a lot of similarities in an individual entrepreneur’s character in Malaysia and UK,” he said.

Asked about the potentials of Malaysia to international investors, Dr Abel said, there is no problem for investors to do business in Malaysia as the people are very friendly and hospitable. These are the key factors to attract foreign investments here.

“Malaysia being a hospitable country attracts more businesses and investors,” said the Entrepreneurship and International Business Senior Lecturer.

Principal of YPC International College Datuk Dr. Noel Robert describes the educational visit as learning, enrichment of experience and expanding their minds about what life is in this part of the world.

He said, the visit enabled students to experience the Malaysian culture and diversity as Malaysia comprises of Malays, Chinese and Indians.

“During their visit they have observed the different ways of how business processes are done in Malaysia, people’s interaction and communication with each other, engaging with YPC students and observe how they carry on with their daily lives.

“This visit has not only given valuable experiences to LJMU students but also to YPC students as they learned something about British culture,” he said.

Dr. Noel Robert hopes students from YPC and LJMU could establish a strong bondage among them through communication, engagement and establishing global networks over a long period.

Dr. Seng Kok, senior lecturer from LJMU Business School, hoped the student exchange programme between YPC International College and LJMU would be the first of many visits in the future.

“This is a cross culture study and it is very important for students to see how businesses are done around the world.”

“There are many business opportunities in different parts of the world as we are now in a globalised society. Students also learnt the ways to work with colleagues and other respectful organizations here,” he said.

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YPC student putting hennah on the hand of one of the LJMU student at YPC Cultural Day.

Meanwhile, Malaysia World News (MWN) also had an exclusive interview with some LJMU students regarding their opinions about Malaysia and what they would remember most from this trip.

For Molly Armstrong, a degree student of the Business Management programme at LJMU, Malaysia is a very interesting country even though the weather is quite hot as this was her first visit to Malaysia.

However, what has amazed her is that she has been able to share new experiences and network with the students, taste variety of local spicy food, and learn about different cultures.

Harry Tonge, LJMU student, feels that there is no sense of “divide” between the races and they integrate very well here in Malaysia. This scenario has amazed him very much about the country and he hopes to return to Malaysia to work or pursue a Masters programme here.

Josh said that it was his first visit to Malaysia, Asia, adding that he found students of YPC International College to be very welcoming, friendly and smart.

 “The YPC students are very warm and hospitable.

“I find that they are intelligent students and have lots of knowledge about business and know where they want to go after they have graduated,” he said.

As for another LJMU student Sam, he was really amazed by how different communities, races came together and live in peace and harmony.

“It`s very interesting to see how different communities come together in such diversity. It`s really very, very great!

Whereas students from YPC Business faculty said they also liked and enjoyed talking to their counterpart students from UK, socialize with them, play with and teach them about local games and cultural traditions such as traditional Malay dance and how to wear Malay and Indian traditional outfits, besides exchanging opinions and ideas through the joint business presentation.

“We are lucky and so glad to spend quality time with LJMU, UK students and get to know about each other’s culture and education. Technically, we are classmates studying the same programme and same syllabus but in different parts of the world,” Chen from YPC said.

–Malaysia World News


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