British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates for more oil

boris and saudi
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) is welcomed by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during a one-day visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, on March 16, 2022

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has visited Saudi Arabia kingdom on Wednesday after travelling to the neighbouring UAE with the aim to urge the Saudis to begin pumping more oil, increase oil production and work together to stabilise global energy markets. 

Johnson’s trip to Abu Dhabi and Riyadh was aimed at securing oil supplies and raising pressure on President Vladimir Putin over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

European countries and other countries in Africa and Asia which do not produce oil are risking a sharp shortage or high inflation in oil after the Western ban and sanctions on Russia oil.

“I think there was an understanding of the need to ensure stability in global oil and gas markets,” Boris said after his talks in Riyadh with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Johnson and the crown prince also discussed the need to bolster security, defence and intelligence cooperation to counter threats including from Houthi forces who are fighting in Yemen against Saudi and UAE forces.


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