Britain sends Ukraine 6,000 more missiles, £25million to keep fighting Russia

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Britain sends Ukraine 6,000 more missiles, and £25million to keep fighting Russia, as Kyiv was reportedly running low on weaponry.

Britain weaponry sent to Ukraine include Javelin missiles and Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapons, according to thevWestern media.

Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night announced UK would deliver the huge extra delivery of military equipment.

He said Britain is giving Ukraine 6,000 more missiles and £25million to support its desperate struggle against the Russian invasion.

UK has previously sent 4,000 anti-tank systems.

British media Daily Mail reported, Ukrainian soldiers have even been heard yelling ‘God save the Queen (of England) !’ as they fire at Russian soldiers.

The £25million in financial is to fund Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s armed forces.

‘One month into this crisis, the international community faces a choice. We can keep the flame of freedom alive in Ukraine, or risk it being snuffed out across Europe and the world, ’ said Johnson.

The Ukrainian president last night said that Mr Johnson had given him ‘assurances of his support’.


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