Britain First group banned by Facebook for inciting hatred against Muslim minorities

Jayda Fransen left and Paul Golding right had denied religiously aggravated harassment
Jayda Fransen (left) and Paul Golding (right) had denied religiously-aggravated harassment- Pic PA

Facebook has shut down Britain First group, and barred its leaders from posting, for inciting hatred towards Muslim minorities.

The social media giant said on Wednesday that the Britain First group, which has about two million likes on Facebook, had violated the terms of its community standards guidelines on hate speech.

A Facebook statement said, “We do not do this lightly.”

Britain First “repeatedly posted content designed to incite animosity and hatred against minority groups, which disqualifies the pages from our service,” the statement said.

“People come to Facebook to express themselves freely… People can express robust and controversial opinions without needing to denigrate others on the basis of who they are,” the statement added.

Both the group’s leader, Paul Golding, and deputy leader, Jayda Fransen were found guilty by a UK court earlier this month of religiously aggravated harassment on minorities and both were handed jail sentences.

Fransen was jailed 36-week and Golding 18 weeks for hate crimes.

Judge Justin Barron said, “it was a campaign to draw attention to the race, religion and immigrant background of the defendants.”

Both Fransen and Golding had denied being a racist and said they had carried out campaigns only against people accused of sex offences.


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