Both Loke and his wife attended an official meeting with Chinese government officials in China

loke and his wife in a chinese meeting in china
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PUTRAJAYA:  Malaysia Transport Minister, Anthony Loke came under severe backlash by netizens and critics after news revealed that he took his wife with him to China and she attended an official meeting with him and Chinese government officials there.

The news started when MCA questioned why his wife was allowed to attend and sit in a recent official meeting with Chinese government officials in China though she does not hold any official position.

“What official position does the minister’s wife hold (which warranted her) attending the official meeting between governments?” Malaysiakini quoted MCA’s international communication and diplomacy bureau head Tee Ching Seng saying.

Last year, Pakatan Harapan government declared that ministers travelling overseas for short work trips of less than seven days are no longer allowed to bring their spouses along.

A photograph of the meeting in China, in which Loke’s wife was seated in, went viral on social media since yesterday after it was posted on Loke’s Facebook page.

In replying to critics, however, Loke said that his wife was invited by the Chinese minister to also sit in the meeting.

“As I said, the Chinese minister invited her to sit there. So is there a problem with MCA?

“If the Chinese minister allowed her to sit in there, what is the problem with MCA?” Loke asked at a press conference yesterday.

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