BN will win comfortably the Johor State Election, says report

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KUALA LUMPUR — Barisan Nasional (BN) is expected to win big the Johor State election today and form the new Johor government tomorrow.

A survey conducted by Ilham Centre revealed that BN would win at least 35 of the 56 state legislative seats.

The report added, the opposition parties might lose because they are divided, and due to the split votes caused by multi-cornered contests, besides an expected lower voter turnout.

The statement said, the field study found that BN will win comfortably because of the following factors:  Demographic location, geography and psychographic of Johor voters; opposition division, multi-cornered contents and a lower percentage of voter turnout.

The predictive poll surveyed 1,391 respondents through a face-to-face randomised stratification, the think tank said.

The analysed data, Ilham Centre said, shows that BN appeared dominant not only in seats where the Malays form 70 per cent of the electorate, but also in constituencies with less Malays.



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