BN Manifesto to fulfill the aspirations of all the rakyat: Najib


KUALA LUMPUR: About more than 30,000 UMNO and Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters gathered at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil on Saturday evening to witness the launching of BN manifesto which consists of 364 initiatives in 220 pages by the Prime Minister and UMNO President, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Najib said this manifesto is not to fight against the opposition in the 14th General Election (GE) but to determine a better future for the people and the next generation.

“It is the principle and important for BN government to ensure that all the people regardless of race and skin colour to be protected and their well-being are taken care of in the best possible way,” he said in front of BN supporters coming from all over Malaysia.

Najib said this manifesto is a positive action that is able to fulfil the aspirations of all the “rakyat” (people) and move and elevate the position of Malaysia to a higher level.

The prime minister reminded the people to choose BN again in this general election as it is at its climax and crossroad to determine the survival of the people and the country.

Najib reiterated, BN has vast experience in administrating the country, have good track records and had undergone severe challenges with success, besides having a future developmental plan for the people. 

Among the promises announced by Najib relating to the manifesto are:

-BN is committed to empowering the female’s position in the society as wife, mother, and child besides their careers. BN wishes to have thousands of professional females, successful corporate leaders, civil servants, politicians and leaders in various fields.

– To establish a National Housing Agency to facilitate and manage the housing programmes in the country and provide allocations to the house owners for efficiency.

– BN will solve the water problem in Selangor.

– 65,000 affordable houses will be built for the people in Penang.

– Three million job opportunities will be created in five years compared to only 1 million jobs promised by the Opposition.

-Minimum salary of RM1, 500 per month for workers in five years time.

– Pan Borneo Highway that stretches to 2,294 kilometres costing RM40 billion will be completed in 5 years

-Sabah and Sarawak will start its pilot project where English is used as the medium of instruction.

-The rights of Sabah and Sarawak stipulated in Malaysia Agreement 1993 that were taken with intent by the “leader” will be returned. The ratio of 90% teachers will be from Sabah/Sarawak and 10% from Peninsular Malaysia. The current situation has reached 87%.

– The highway from Yong Peng to Johor Bahru will be widened from four to six lanes.

 – Melaka: Build highway that covers Klebang, Kuala Linggi and Masjid Tanah.

– Negeri Sembilan:  The development of Malaysia’s Vision Valley will be enhanced.

– Perak: A new airport will be built in Seri Iskandar.

-Establishment of child care centres with universal standards will be implemented in five years time.

-Pahang:  To set more allocations to provide affordable houses for the rakyat.

-Kelantan: If BN is given the mandate, the building of the highway from Gua Musang to Kota Bharu will be speeded. 

The Prime Minister also announced a special increase in the amount of the 1Malaysia’s People’s Aid (BR1M).

He said, the increase is made possible as a result of more GST revenues and increase in economic growth in 2017.

The amount is as follows:-

-Family income below RM3, 000 – BR1M for June/August 2018, the amount is  increased from RM400 to RM800 (RM1,200 to RM2,000)

-Family income of RM3, 000-RM4, 000 –BR1M for June/August 2018 the amount is increased from RM300-RM600 (RM900-RM1, 500)

-Single person with income below RM2, 000 – BR1M increased from RM450 to RM600.

-Family income of RM4, 000-RM5, 000 per month –BR1M RM700 with two payments – RM350 in June 2018.

– New Provision – RM1, 500 will be given to a student successfully registered in any institute of higher learning.

-Malaysia World News

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