BN manifesto: Free early education and child care nationwide under BN government 

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KUALA LUMPUR NOV.7: The Barisan Nasional’s (BN) manifesto “BN PADU” launched by its Chairman Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has focused on the theme “Stability and Prosperity” covering among others education, gender issues, senior citizens and citizenships.

Ahmad Zahid said, the BN PADU is a new and fresh offer from BN to the people and it consists of 99 practices and efforts of BN leading the country towards development.
“PADU is not just offering pleasant promises, no hostility elements and reduction of responsibilities but a serious national plan that will be implemented in the best ways for the benefit of the people,” Ahmad Zahid said when announcing the BN manifesto this evening.

The BN Chairman said, the high cost of living is affecting mostly the B40 and M40 group will be considered seriously via the aid “Assertive Basic Income” in which each household will automatically receive RM2, 208 every month to top up as additional income to the family.

“No household will live in poverty and the case of hard core poor will be left as a history in the country.
“For the M40 group with the income of RM50, 000 to RM100, 000, will enjoy a 2 per cent discount in income tax and this will enable them to have a high purchasing power and helps to reduce their burden,” he said.

To encourage the females who are still active to come back to work, Ahmad Zahid said, they will be exempted from any tax for the period of five years. This will help them from shouldering tax payment after “resting” at home.

The BN if given the mandate by the people in this 15th General Election (GE-15) also pledged that the government will empower the early education system starting from child care at the age of 6 and below.
“The government will provide free early education and child care nationwide and not depending on the parents’ affordability like before. The system will provide the best child care and early education to all the children in the country,” he reiterated.

Regarding the problem of children carrying heavy begs to school, Ahmad Zahid said, under the digital education system, the students need not bring text books but use laptops given to those in the B40 group.

“Within 18 months the 5-G mobile network will have 100 per cent coverage nationwide and this will help students attain their education faster and easier,” he said.
Ahmad Zahid emphasized, the BN government will provide free education for the B40 students pursuing their studies in the Institute of Higher Learning. The public universities will offer a flexible education system with 50 per cent conducted on campus and 50 per cent via long distant learning and this will reduce the cost of studies by 50 per cent.

Meanwhile in the cause of practical internship, the company will have to compulsorily pay allowance to the student involved.

As the country is heading toward the “aged nation” the BN government has pledged to provide an ecosystem that will protect and care for the senior citizens. A Senior Citizen Act will be drafted while senior citizen centres will be monitored by non-governmental organisations (NGO) with the allocation of RM105 million for five years.

The BN government had pledged to recognise diversities and maintain it as unifying factor among the people in the country. For such situation the government will make the National Schools (sekolah kebangsaan) as a platform and the source for harmony.

“Bahasa Malaysia and English language will be taught in all schools and at the same time other languages including mandarin, tamil, iban, kadazan, dusun and othe ethnic languages will also be taught. This will create a happier scenario and the national school will be the preferred school for the people to choose from,” Ahmad Zahid added.

Ahmad Zahid said, under the BN government, the differences in wages and gender issues will be scrapped. The tribunal for gender discrimination and anti-sexual disturbances will also be established.

Regarding the citizenship denial for children born overseas as a result of inter-marriage with a foreign husband or wife, Ahmad Zahid said, patriotism exists from engagement and inclusion. As such, BN government will amend the Constitution regarding citizenship.

The BN government also pledged to form a Parliamentary Special Committee for the appointment of important posts such as the Head of Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission and Head of Election Commission of Malaysia.-Malaysia World News


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