BMW launched 2 hot maxi scooters: BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT

BMW C 650 Sport and the BMW C 650 GT launched
BMW C 650 Sport and the BMW C 650 GT launched

BMW Group Malaysia introduced its 2 newest BMW maxi-scooters – the BMW C 650 Sport and the BMW C 650 GT, the latest additions to its maxi scooter segment. The retail prices (on the road without insurance) are : The new BMW C 650 Sport = RM 64,900.00, and The new BMW C 650 GT=RM 68,900.00.

These hot motorcycles are designed for the city and urban environment. They  combine maximum riding fun and touring comfort.

“The premium motorcycle segment in Malaysia has been growing steadily over the last two years and the introduction of the new BMW C 650 Sport and BMW C 650 GT will offer motorcycle enthusiasts here more choices of easy two-wheeled mobility solutions for everyday or weekend use,” said Mr.Han Sang Yun, Managing Director & CEO of BMW Group Malaysia while Introducing the new maxi scooters.

The new BMW C 650 GT
The new BMW C 650 GT

The new edition of the maxi scooters particularly features a more modern, dynamic and future-oriented design for the new BMW C 650 Sport. This integrates seamlessly into the BMW Motorrad design philosophy. By contrast, the new BMW 650 GT – positioned in the comfort sub-segment – has been fine-tuned with new rear side trim panels and a new rear light unit.

“The differing conceptual emphasis of each new maxi scooters enable a broader target group to be addressed than before. The new BMW C 650 Sport is geared towards riders with a sporty bent while the new BMW C 650 GT sets its sights on those who attach greater importance to comfort and touring ability, ” said Mr. Owen Riley, Head of BMW Motorrad, BMW Group Malaysia.

The new BMW C 650 Sport features a modern design, completely redesigned body parts. This fresh design interprets the appearance of the maxi scooter in a way that expresses maximum dynamic performance. Its nose section including the top side panels, bottom side panels, front trim panel and headlight carrier have been redesigned.

The new BMW C 650 GT meanwhile, has a redesigned tail section with rear trim panels on the left, right and centre, as well as new rear lights. The mounting of the rear mirrors has also been optimised in the new BMW C 650 GT so as to ensure the rider has a good rear view in all conditions.

In both bikes, the handlebar protectors exhibit a new styling with high-gloss central section and chrome applications, while all grained surfaces within the rider’s field of vision have been given a new structure.

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