Blood supply is sufficient

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Ahmad Kamalrulzaman presenting souvenirs to blood donors in conjunction with the 83rd Anniversary of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

KUALA LUMPUR – “At the moment, the blood supply is sufficient to accommodate the needs throughout Ramadan,” said the National Blood Centre, Medical Officer, Dr Nik Rizwan Nik Ahmad Kamal.

He added, the lack of blood supply happens every year, especially during Ramadan and Shawal.

“The lack of blood supply can become more critical towards the end of Ramadan if the road accident cases increase during this period.

“The blood supply is also needed for the purpose of operations, including childbirth and treatment of individuals with blood problems,” he said.

To ensure an adequate supply of blood, the Royal Malaysian Navy Headquarters had collaborated with the National Blood Centre to organize a blood donation programme held at Seroja Hall, Ministry of Defence today.

The Royal Malaysian Navy Chief, Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin also spent his time getting to know the blood donors present in this programme.

According to him, the programme is an annual event designed to celebrate the 83rd Anniversary of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

“We are targeting to get 300 blood donors among officers and members of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) as well as civil servants in the Ministry of Defence.

“This proactive step is taken due to the high demand for blood supply in addition to promoting awareness of the responsibility of the society to contribute to the blood centre,” he said.

-Malaysia World News

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