Not nominated for the parliamentary seat is not a problem, says Mohd Nizar 

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It’s very important to first gain enough experience in state assembly before going to parliament, said Mohd Nizar Najib who was nominated as candidate for Pahang’ s Peramu Jaya state seat in GE15.
He said this will prepare him to contest for a parliamentary seat in the future.
“I respect and accept the decision made by BN. This is opportunity to gain more experience first before going to a higher level,” he said.
In earlier interview with Nizar last week, he said he has great programs and agenda for Pekan people expecially the youths.
“We are planning to bring up the economy for Pekan people, and eradicate unemployment. Every one has the right for employment and decent living ” he told Malaysia World News.
He added it s not a problem if he was not nominated for the parliamentary seat, but he will work hard to ensure victory in the Peramu Jaya state seat.


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