BEC 2024: Eight decisions to raise the dignity and status of Bumiputera in Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR: The three important subjects brought up by various parties at the Bumiputera Economic Congress (BEC) 2024 that ended Saturday, includes strengthening the root of national economy, strengthening the harmony of governance and the institutions and upholding social justice.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said, at the closing of the BEC 2024, he had announced eight important decisions that will raise the dignity and the status of Bumiputera in Malaysia.

Anwar said, RM1 billion has been allocated to produce Young Generation of Bumiputera Entrepreneurs in the high growth fields and secondly targeting to build 2,500 affordable houses under the MADANI Housing Scheme on the Malay reserve land.

“The government will also ensure that it owns 200 acres of land including 50 acres in Bandar Malaysia is permanently owned by the Malays,” he said in his Facebook post, Saturday.

The prime minister added the third point is to train 100,000 TVET trainees within five years including providing job offers with the target minimum salary of RM3, 500 a month via GLC and GLIC and selected private companies’ cooperation.

He added, the fourth point is to establish Wakaf MARA MADANI with the allocation of RM100 million as a launching grant.

“The government agrees to extend the reduction of taxes for the Wakaf based shares,” he said.

Anwar who is also the Minister of Finance said, to support the growth of the domestic vendors, the government will uplift the tax incentives and provide the matching grant fund of RM100 million to encourage more private companies to implement the vendor development programmes. This will also involve the poor groups in the village, remote areas and FELDA areas.

“In order to dignify and support the creative works of the local entrepreneurs, effective from today, all ministries and government agencies including GLC will only be allowed to purchase souvenirs from the Bumiputera entrepreneurs,” Anwar said.

Anwar added, the seventh point is to specialise the Bumiputera micro credit financing funds up to RM1 billion via the Development Financial Institution such as BSN, Agrobank and TEKUN Nasional to provide support to various Bumiputera entrepreneurs segment.

According to Anwar, the eighth point is to establish Gig Workers’ Commission to protect the rights of gig workers.

The prime minister calls the people to be united to recover the “limping” in the Bumiputera socio-economy towards reaching the receptacle of “Ekonomi MADANI”: Empowerment of the People”

“I also stressed that the affirmative policies will be continued to ensure social justice and no groups are being left behind especially the poorest people,” Anwar reiterated. –Malaysia World News



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