Avoid being used by shallow-minded leaders, Sultan Nazrin advises Malaysian people

Sultan Nazrin

KUALA KANGSAR:  Perak Ruler, Sultan Nazrin Shah urges Malaysian people and their leaders (politicians) to avoid racial provocations that could ignite hate and hostility among people of different races and religions.

“There are some political leaders who become vain after winning, while some who lose become vengeful.

“Those who win should have humility”… And those who lost should “accept what had been determined by the Almighty,” he said in his speech at Univer­siti Sultan Azlan Shah’s (Usas) 11th convocation ceremony here yesterday.

Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Nazrin Shah also warns that racial conflict could lead to the destruction of the nation, citing some (Arab) countries, which have been completely destroyed recently due to sectarian wars between people of different faiths, such as Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

“There are countries in conflict – to an extent that some become destroyed – due to disputes caused by differences in sects and religions.

“Some are separated because of regional autonomy demands and there are also those who kill because of differences in political ideology,” Sultan Nazrin pointed out without mentioning the names of the countries he was referring to.

He also advised the Usas graduates to be rational-minded people and not to be swayed easily by shallow-minded.

“Avoid being used by shallow-minded people,” he said.

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