Asia fights another Covid-19 wave, Omicron cases surge in South Korea, China and Hong Kong

Asia Omicron surge Pic USAG Osan
Asia Omicron surge – Pic/USAG Osan
Asia is fighting another Covid-19 wave. Omicron cases surge in South Korea, China and Hong Kong.
Experts said the increase of cases is fuelled by the rise of omicron virus which has shifted to Asia.
South Korea leads the world in new cases. It has reported more than half a million cases daily across the nation.621,328 new daily Covid-19 cases and 429 daily deaths have been recorded yesterday, authorities said.
south korea daily cases asia omicron
From March seventh to the thirteenth, South Korea recorded the greatest amount of new COVID-19 infections.
According to reports the cases increased dramatically since the government eased restrictions on businesses in late February and allowed restaurants and bars to open.
Hong Kong has also reported world`s highest fatality rate from the virus. Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. The situation is leading to mental health crisis. Many suicide cases have been reported across the region.
China is also experiencing major outbreaks. Millions of people have been put under lockdown in Shenzhen and Shanghai cities since Sunday 12 March.
According to the World Health Organization ( WHO), coronavirus infections are increasing because of omicron, which happens to be the most transmissible COVID variant and also because the governments eased public health and social measures.

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