ASEAN-Australia’s closeness should be translated to more opportunities that benefit the region – PM Anwar

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MELBOURNE: Malaysia urged to speed up the utilisation and the involvement of businesses under the Free ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Trade Agreement especially for the micro, small and medium industry (MSMI).

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said, he had raised the matter when speaking at the pleno session, “Direction and Future of ASEAN-Australia Dialogue Relationship” at the Special ASEAN-Australia Summit held Wednesday.

“Other focused matters include strengthening ASEAN-Australia relationship that is related to energy transition; release of clean zero green house gas towards 2050 and the development of human capital related to the cooperation in Education and Technical Training and Vocational (TVET).

“After the speech, all the ASEAN leaders including me went for lunch hosted by the Victoria Governor, Margaret Gardner AC at the Government House, Victoria before the regional session began,” Anwar said in his Facebook post, Wednesday.

Anwar also stressed that the closeness of ASEAN-Australia should be translated into more opportunity co-operations to be benefitted together by the region.

The prime minister who is also the Tambun Member of Parliament said, his visit to Melbourne will not be completed without meeting the Malaysian diaspora to deliver the hopes and the mandate of the government to those who stay abroad.

“The Malaysians must be courageous to bring changes by leaving the old culture in their daily work as well as upholding the trust to the country in building a better future.

“To be courageous is required with the paradigm or changes without disturbing the cultural diversity and the religion of others,” he reiterated. –Malaysia World News .



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