Are Malaysian students at YPC getting the same experience as students in England?

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia World News (MWN) recently had an exclusive interview with Dr Seamus O’Brien, Dr Seng Kok from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and Datuk Dr Noel Robert, Principal of YPC International College to highlight the importance of studying at YPC – Why students should choose to study in YPC?

The three distinguished academicians pointed out that “it is very important for students to study in YPC International College as it offers up-to-date programmes and students can study UK degree programmes (Liverpool John Moores University programmes) here at YPC Malaysia with a very affordable cost.”

YPC`s corporate mission and vision is to offer every one regardless race, age or social status a chance to pursue higher education, not only in Malaysia but also in United Kingdom. Most importantly, it offers international programmes that are fit for any job market.

“YPC wants to make sure that a person`s financial situation does not preclude him/her from accessing to education. That`s one of our vision,” YPC International College Principal, Datuk Dr. Noel Robert said.

The Ministry of Education and the Department of Education are aware that YPC International College gives affordable education and one of the college’s hallmarks is the Foundation Scholarship, he added.

“Students with Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or O Level have to do a one-year foundation studies before they could pursue their degree courses. For the foundation studies, students are not able to obtain any financial assistance or loan and this has become a stumbling block for them to pursue their degrees.

“At YPC International College we have made a corporate decision that 60 percent of our profits go back to the scholarships of students.

“After completing the foundation level, students could apply for the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans from the government,” Dr. Noel said.

The employability rate among YPC International College graduates has been high since its collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in 2005. What are the reasons behind this successful effort?

Dr. Noel said, one of the benefits from the collaboration between YPC and LJMU is that LJMU updates and upgrades its academic curriculum regularly to ensure the courses offered are relevant in the industry today and for the future.

“As a world class university, LJMU is continuously upgrading its academic curriculum and constantly catching up with the latest technology in the industry and these are the essential criteria for employability,” he added.

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(From left) Datin Jinny,  Dr Seng, Datuk Dr Noel , Dr Seamus, Dr Farah at YPC (on Thursday 16 August).

Stressing on the effectiveness of the collaboration between LJMU and YPC International College, representative from LJMU Dr. Seamus said, the students at YPC are getting the same experience as students in England.

“The main aim is to get a degree which has strong accreditation and strong employability figures.

“Malaysian students’ results are getting better each year due to 95% of their studies are exposed to international experience and perspectives.

“Within the School of Business Studies there are several undergraduate degrees such as Finance, Marketing, Public Relations and Communication while the new master degrees offer Msc in Entrepreneurship, MBI, Msc in International Business Management and Msc in Finance,” Seamus told MWN when asked about the new programmes introduced to YPC  and how effective is the collaboration between YPC and LJMU.

Talking about the collaboration of YPC lecturers with LJMU, Seamus said the Malaysian lecturers are constantly engaging in Skype Meetings to expand their experiences in certain academic aspects. Both parties are building academic accessibilities for the students.

Meanwhile, Noel has a different opinion for the purpose of obtaining a degree.

He said: “If you get a degree and cannot get a job then the purpose of education will fall flat. We at YPC are glad to work with LJMU since 13 years ago.

“We give students quality education and good employability because LJMU is a global university and as such the degree is recognised all over the world. Our students get jobs in Singapore and Australia and it works well with them.

“About 99 percent of the students are from lower income group and they are not able to go overseas, let alone be on board the plane due to financial background,” he said.

He added, YPC partnership with LJMU has given good opportunities for Malaysian students to get quality education at affordable costs. –Malaysia World News.

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