Applicants for Malaysian citizenship to be evaluated in fluency level in the national language – Senator A.Kesavadas

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KUALA LUMPUR: Senator Datuk A. Kesavadas had proposed to the Ministry of National Unity and Ministry of Home Affairs to play the roles in evaluating an individual’s fluency level in the national language if he/she wishes to get citizenship through naturalization.

He told the Dewan Negara on Monday that evaluation is needed regardless who the individual involved whether a celebrity, entrepreneur or professional footballer.

“Those who wish to get citizenship should be skilful in communicating and writing the basic national language (Bahasa Melayu).

“What is the use of being a Malaysian if unable to speak well in the national language? Wouldn’t they feel ashamed with the foreign workers who can speak the national language as if they are the people of this country,” he said when debating the proposal to uphold the royal decree at the Dewan Negara.

As reported by Bernama, Senator Michael Mujah Lihan proposed the Ministry of National Unity to focus on the programme that is directed to unite the people through the organisation of cultural programme, arts and heritage.

“This is one good step in ensuring that we understand the history, religion, race and the traditions of a culture.

“It should possibly be retained and instilled in our hearts as a unity group that is fresh, relevant with the current evolution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senator Dr. Wan Martina Wan Yusoff congratulated the Ministry of National Unity that had proposed the pledge of Rukun Negara be read in every starting session in the Parliament.

“As a Malaysian we should always renew the pledge to build the national identity. The national spirits with the Rukun Negara values are important to unite the multi-racial community,” he said while requesting the government to frame a policy towards the empowerment of the people’s unity.


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