Any effort to recover the “Muafakat Nasional” should follow the original charter – Zahid

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Minister of Communications and Multimedia (K-KOMM) Tan Sri Annuar Musa expressed his gratitude on the statement made by UMNO President, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that gives new hopes and should be well received by all especially UMNO, Barisan Nasional (BN) and PAS.

Annuar said, the soul and the Understanding Note besides the National Agreement Charter should be enhanced again at this time while the 15th General Election (GE) is approaching closely.

“UMNO and PAS are two pivotal parties and leaders to build the national race. The ambitions of both parties came from the same source and political content. The agreement between the two parties is able to empower the struggle to save the people and ummah,” Anuar said in his Facebook post.

Anuar added, the country needs a strong government, politically stable and leaders with experiences and abilities as everybody will be facing a big global challenges beginning 2023.

The Minister was responding to Ahmad Zahid’s statement that he confirmed PAS President Tan Sri Hadi Awang had a meeting with him at his residence on 17th Sept. 2022.

Ahmad Zahid said, among the issues discussed at the meeting was about the ummah unity agenda that had earlier been moved together.

“In reality, UMNO had never taken away the ummah unity agenda that became the basis for the national political stability. That is why from the beginning UMNO always stress on the question of sincerity and honesty in any form of agreement and understanding.

“However UMNO will never accept those who continuously betray and regard BN as their enemy.

“Any effort to recover the “Muafakat Nasional” or any form of agreement and cooperation should come back based on the principle and spirit of the original charter like what have been signed and agreed before,” Ahmad Zahid said in a statement. – Malaysia World News

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