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PETALING JAYA: Communications and multimedia minister Annuar Musa accused Anwar Ibrahim of lying and slandering Former Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“I hope Anwar stops all these lies. Don’t try to blame Najib for your failure. That’s slander, ” Annuar said in a post on his Facebook.

“Anwar failed because he was unable to convince the Yang di-Pertuan Agong that he had enough support when he was granted an audience in October 2020,” he added.

Annuar was responding to Anwar ’s claim that Najib Razak had proposed another candidate for the prime minister’s post after Anwar allegedly had enough support from MPs to form a new government in 2020.

Anwar claimed that he was asked to give an assurance that Najib’s court cases would be discontinued after statutory declarations (SDs) in support of him as prime minister were signed.

The opposition leader also claimed Najib proposed another candidate after he refused to do what Najib requested.

“The supposed claim that Najib had proposed another candidate is also slander,” Annuar said.