Anwar Ibrahim: People are suffering, the government cannot do anything

anwar ibrahim

Malaysia’s opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim just released the following statements on his Facebook calling on the government to help people and regain their confidence in it.

The following is his long statement:

The people are suffering. The most heartbreaking thing is to hear the government’s statement that they can’t do anything about it. This is what Tan Sri Muhyiddin  Yassin’s leadership government is trying to say recently through pretty desperate steps and plans.
The new restrictions announced are very confusing, and each of us will suffer in our own way. There are some of us being bullied with uncertainty due to the impact of the pandemic, but not being paid enough attention by the government. Unemployed situation, poverty issues and survival are alarming, and these are among the burdens that will continue to haunt every citizen.
Some have to fight with mental and mental issues. Anxiety, loneliness and fear leave us vulnerable to the effects of xenophobic attitude and mad anger.
We miss being beside our respective friends and family members. However, there are a few of us trapped beyond just trapped from the restrictive Movement Control Order (PKP), while home abuse, isolation due to symptoms of cyber bullying or increasing poverty problems.
However, we should not forget those who have left over this epidemic period. 600 deaths is not a small number and can be seen lightly. Our lives are disturbed for almost a year, and of course they are impactful. Many of us are not sure if our lives will be back to normal, or maybe not. What would happen if all these threats ended? Will our career be impressed? Are our students able to rise again and continue their lessons? Will there be light at the end of the tunnel? Today’s government seems unable to give any confidence, let alone promise a better future for all.
The message of union being shouted through the sharing of this suffering will not be able to restore the race, in addition to this sungeon. New unity should be proposed and established through solid leadership,  and also citizens with new confidence in government, in space and spirit of democracy and confidence between one and another. In today’s moment of clumsy, what the people crave is the attitude of transparency and certainty, not what this minority government has fed.
Announcement after announcement made as if there is no early planning that is often unclear, directly stepping on the people’s feelings. Rather, the impact of all this is panic and uncertainty. Muhyiddin has put this country in a valley of contradiction. PKP becomes a wasted annual event without any meaning and results. What looks like conditional, but seems like it will last. Talking about recovery turns out to be nonsense.
So, we are now back to the original rankings. Starting to go back. This reminds me of what Albert Einstein once revealed, ′′ it’s something crazy to repeat the same thing while expecting different results “. Muhyiddin’s leadership kingdom today has placed the country in the valley of madness.
What the government should do is help the people to return to believe in their own capabilities, and create new strength in going through today’s struggles as a united nation. Malaysia should have succeeded, what is mentioned as ′′ flattening the curve ′′ or struck the curve and became among the countries that succeeded in subducing COVID-19. Instead, this government continues to struggle and fool the people. Today’s government considers citizens like children. No, it’s the people in this country that allows an order called Malaysia. If this government can’t believe in the people and believe in the people, how can they expect the same. What else to obey the SOP that always changes every time.
Government plans must be detailed and consistent. A plan that must move, that has milestones and goals. When we realize our own responsibility in creating a better future, then we will be responsible for each other, and we will directly be able to guarantee the continuity of a democratic way of life. As today’s government waits for change to emerge, our strategy must be powerful and wise in order to allow for a better tomorrow. Today’s rulers ask us to sacrifice, but haven’t seen the signs that today’s government is also struggling and struggling with the people.
Day by day, the government is losing its authority and confidence is getting harder to be restored under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Steps to declare emergency seem desperate and reckless, without any strong foundation, directly widening the gap between the people and government. Muhyiddin asked us to believe him when his dictatorship became more prominent. His confidence in his leadership is also decreasing when one by one member of Parliament attracts support. Can we still believe in today’s government? Emergency declaration is like nothing to do with our efforts and efforts to combat the impact of the epidemic, but instead just as a rider to continue to be in power and position? The people don’t forget that today’s government is a back door government. Can we believe an individual who betrayed his Prime Minister at that point, betrayed his own party, betrayed his friends, and most powerful betrayed the people’s mandate? This kind of individual we are asked to trust?
Clarity and certainty are the first steps in acknowledging negligence. The people need to know that the government listens to their voices and pay attention to any resurrected issues. The government should raise science-based awareness, and promote general discussion and reject any conspiracy theories geared to twit. When our communication is clear, then our actions must go along with the efforts of the country in fighting the threat of virus, and then restore confidence to our economy. This is not an easy job, and no one can do it themselves. However, what is important is our sacrifice will increase, but only with good tackle and strong confidence we will be able to overcome this storm together.
I have recently announced about our efforts in appealing to KDYMM YDPA to defend the Constitution as well as citizens from abuse of power. And also, the lawyer’s team has been tasked to prepare an application to challenge the emergency declaration move made by the Muhyiddin government.
I am calling all Malaysians not to give up. This country is a special country, has various races and religions, and I believe this is the best feature we have. Continue to increase self-discipline by following SOP, apply your face properly, keep your distance and wash your hands frequently. If there’s no need, don’t go out.
Take care of your own health so that we can improve our health system and give some room for our heroes on the front row to breathe. This kind of noble attitude is the easiest to practice, and it will directly strengthen our commitment to finding a way out of this fallout.
I urge all of us to increase our respective roles and government should work more to restore confidence. The people are suffering. I pray we don’t give up and keep trying. Lessons from last year are crucial, and make it as an urge to be better not only for yourself but for all too.
January 17, 2021

Graduate with a Master of Mass Communication. 10 years working experience in the media and broadcasting.

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