Anwar failed to topple Muhyiddin, the king asked him to abide by the legal processes and respect the Federal Constitution

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KUALA LUMPUR — The opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has failed to convince the King Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin that he has majority support of the members of parliament (MPs) and therefore he failed to topple the current Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and government.

On Tuesday, Anwar said he presented documents to the king proving that majority lawmakers support him to form a new government. 

However, a statement from the palace said the evidence was not quite as airtight as Anwar made it out to be.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference after an audience with King Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin, anwar said :

“One thing is clear — that Muhyiddin’s government has fallen and he must resign.”

But shortly after Anwar’s press conference, the Palace released a statement denying that Anwar had presented detailed proof of a lower house majority.

“Anwar Ibrahim presented the total number of lawmakers who he claims to support him.

“He, however, to strengthen his claim, did not furnish names and details of the members of parliament who he claims to support him,” the palace said.

The palace added that the king advised Anwar to abide by and respect the legal processes as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Yesterday, the king warned politicians to not  drag the country into political uncertainty while the country is already facing various difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Comptroller of the Royal Household for Istana Negara Datuk Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin said Al-Sultan Abdullah also reiterated his advice to Members of Parliament during the opening ceremony of the third term of the 14th Parliament last May, to showcase responsibility and  underst and the grievances of the people and not neglect the people’s well-being.” 


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