ANMS helps Malaysian Family prepare to live in the endemic phase –PM Ismail

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KUALA LUMPUR NOV.11: The Malaysian National Health Agenda (ANMS) is a deatiled health package, well planned and introduced by the government through the Ministry of Health as the main mover besides the direct involvement of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, ANMS is headed by the two ministries and the involvement of other government agencies is to prepare the Malaysian Family to face the COVID-19 endemic phase.

Ismail said, the ANMS is aimed at making healthy life as a culture and sustainable environment that support the Malaysian Family health and well-being. This agenda helps the people to be healthy throughout their lives.

“ANMS will be implemented for 10 years starting from 2021 until year 2030 and it is divided into two parts, the first term starts in 2021 until 2025 while the second term from 2026 and ends in 2030.

“It involves four main basis, 10 strategies and 24 initiatives. The four basis include firstly to Strengthen the Healthy Life Culture Promotion, secondly to Strengthen the Health and Well-Being Services, thirdly to Empower Self Health Control and fourthly to Strengthen the Cleanliness of the Environment,” Ismail said.

The Prime Minister said that in his speech at the launching of the Malaysian National Health Agenda via TV1 here today.

To ensure the health literacy of the Malaysian Family could be elevated, Ismail said, the Community Health Agent (MyCHAMPION) will be strengthened, especially in the effort to educate and promote the health well-being.

“With high health literacy, we will get the health information, healthy life culture, self-health control as an early measure to avoid illness and health care to avoid complications.

“Malaysian Family will benefit fom the health services needed to make a decision on health, practise healthy lifestyle and subsequently maintaining good health.

“For example Malaysian Family under B40 category will get access to health information, undertsnad the importance of health care, and undergoing free health test via PekaB40 scheme programme.

“This will enable us to identify the health risk earlier and undergo health intervention either at the Wellness Hub, health clinic and hosipital depending on the health status,” Ismail said.-Malaysia World News










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