All individuals entering Malaysia have to pay hotel quarantine charges

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PUTRAJAYA MAY 20: The National Security Council (NSC) today has made a decision that all individuals entering Malaysia have to pay hotel quarantine charges starting from June 1, 2020.

Security Senior Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, Malaysians returning from overseas will have to pay 50% hotel quarantine charges from the ceiling price of RM150 per day.

He said, for permanent residents who are non-citizens (dependant) they will have to pay hotel charges of RM150 per day.

“The NSC has also decided to make Malaysian citizens sign an agreement payment -50% letter while non-citizens 100% payment at the nearest Malaysian Embassy Office.

“The Malaysian Embassy Office will also issue “Approval Letter” while the Malaysian Immigration Department will issue a directive to all airline companies to ensure that the Approval Letter is the term and condition for all passengers before flying,” he said in his daily press conference held here today.

He also added permission for the PR status people to return to Malaysia is not automatic but depends on which country they come from. They will have to be checked by the Ministry of Health, NSC and the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture.

At the moment Ismail said, only 200 PR status people are still “stranded” and under investigation.

Ismail also reported that 3,212 vehicles that have tried to cross borders have been asked to return by the police yesterday while 216 roadblocks have been made and 318,082 vehicles have been checked.

In another development, Ismail said, the “haj pilgrimage” to Mecca this year has not been decided as it depends on the government of Saudi Arabia to make an announcement and it has to go through the Minister of Religious Affairs. –Malaysia World News

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