All crew members of KD Lekiu from Busan are tested negative from COVID-19

KD Lekiu

KUALA LUMPUR MAR.6: All crew members aboard the Royal Malaysian Navy’s KD Lekiu were tested negative from COVID-19 when they arrived at Kota Kinabalu Naval Base from South Korea yesterday (March 5).

The Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN) in its statement said the first test (filter) showed there was no symptom of COVID-19 on all the crew members aboard.

“Following the negative COVID-19 result, KD Lekiu will continue its journey and arrives at Lumut Naval Base on March 9 (Monday) as scheduled.

“RMN will take all the precautionary measures and consistently on alert when KD Lekiu arrives at Lumut Naval Base. The second test will be done on all the crew members to ensure that they are free from COVID-19,” added the RMN statement here today.

Meanwhile, all crew members will be quarantined on the KD Lekiu until the second test results are obtained and finalized by the Health Unit.

“We will ensure that all security measures are being followed according to the guidelines and at the same time all procedures are implemented to enable the crew members to meet their families the soonest,” said RMN in its statement.

 Prior to that RMN in its statement on Wednesday (March 4), said KD Lekiu left Busan on Feb 18, and should arrive in Sabah on March 5.

It said the vessel had completed its mission to escort a tanker to South Korea and was currently nearing Sabah waters.

The statement added, the vessel will dock at Kota Kinabalu for refuelling and resupplying before sailing to the Lumut Naval Base. –Malaysia World News

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