Alcohol poisoning kills 37 Malaysians says Report

People in Malaysia died from toxic alcohol poisoning
Toxic alcohol poisoning- Pic

KUALA LUMPUR: Thirty-six people have recently died and 34 received treatment in Malaysia due toxic alcohol poisoning.

The number rose to 37 as of 10pm last night, with 24 cases in Selangor, 10 in Kuala Lumpur and three in Perak, according to Malay Mail Online report.

In Shah Alam, the report said, the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning remained at 24 people as of 3pm, involving two Malaysians, Bangladesh (two), Nepal (eight), Myanmar (10), India (one) and an unknown individual.

In Ipoh, the number of deaths rose to three in the latest case involving local men aged between 33 and 40s, who died yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, a statement yesterday said that the ministry of health had conducted checks on 589 premises selling liquor and seized many bottles of wine.

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