Al-Quran and technology cannot be separated; Islam never stops Muslims to maximise its usage –PM Ismail


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KUALA LUMPUR OCT.26: The main important source for the Muslims is the al-Quran which is a complete revelation and the last from Rasulullah SAW for human beings on earth to bow on the Almighty.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, al-Quran proposes and encourages the people to search for knowledge, study and analyse using the mind that is endowed by Allah SWT to benefit from it.

Ismail added, this is the intellectual and spiritual source of Islam that is not only the basic for the spiritual but for all branches of knowledge including technology.

“Al-Quran and technology cannot be separated. It was a revelation of Allah SWT that had come down to earth as a sign for human being to differentiate between “right” and vanity.
“The combination of al-Quran and technology could strengthen and clarify an argumentative fact by referring to prophets’ “hadith”, sects, scholars, Muslim and non-Muslim scientists.

“The relationship between technology and religion is seen as a relationship between the soul and the body. Technology and religion help each other to be complete and perfect. The nature’s habit should be understood, studied and human being will benefit from it,” Ismail said.

The Prime Minister said that in his special deliberation via TV1 in conjunction with the “Tilawah al-Quran National Champions at National Level for 1443 Hijrah/ 2021M closing event here this evening.

Ismail cited the example of the event where technology had connected 26 “qari” and “qariah” for the National Champions nationwide and was a direct telecast from 11 different locations that could be watched and reached different media.

Meanwhile the al-Quran reading and the explanations of the “ayat” is being transmitted to the viewers using Augmented Reality technology and this is the prove that Islam never stops the Muslims to maximise the usage of technology in their daily lives.

Ismail added, beginning on 22nd October until this evening a total of 26 “qari” and “qariah” National Champions have been reading the al-Quran.

“It is my hope for all of us to take the benefit from the “ayat” that have been read and “ibrah” that have been delivered,” Ismail said. –Malaysia World News

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