AIU produces students who serve their countries and communities, says its Vice Chancelor Dato Aziz Tajuddin

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AIU receives the support of many NGOs locally and internationally – Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Abdul Aziz Tajuddin. Photo/MWN

ALOR SETAR: Albukhary International University (AIU) gives special attention and opportunities to  international students who come from countries such as Indonesia,  Afghanistan, Palestine, Yemen, Nigeria, and Myanmar.

According to AIU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Abdul Aziz Tajuddin, most of the international students studying here come from countries facing certain political and economic issues.  As such, AIU is doing its best to turn these students into productive citizens by equipping them with all the necessary business skills, communication skills and community engagement skills so that they will return to serve their  respective countries and communities after graduation.

“AIU is enthusiastic about ensuring that students are given a perfect education to help develop their communities.

“The action is in line with AIU’s goal to produce individuals who will help more individuals around them and around the world,” Dr. Abdul Aziz Tajuddin told reporters from Malaysia World News and Utusan Malaysia.

He added, the university offers social business majors, equipping students with skills and funds to create career opportunities and spread kindness. The goal is to produce productive individuals who contribute to society, akin to the founder of AIU, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary.

AIU currently has students from over 60 countries, the majority of them are Muslims.

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Group photo of final year students of media and communication with the Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Tengku Shahrom Bin Tengku Shahdan (front row fourth from left) and lecturers.

Among the students studying at AIU, 52 from Afghanistan and another 11 have been offered places starting this October.

“Our efforts also received the support of some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country and some other countries that wish to help their communities get better access to education.

“We don’t use agents to make a profit, we work with NGOs on a pro bono basis. Our intention is only to help them get a better education so that they can help others and at the same time develop the community to a better level in all aspects,” said Dr. Abdul Aziz Tajuddin.

AIU is the only private university in Malaysia that offers full scholarships to international students from all over the world, without intending to make any profit.

AIU has over 1,100 students from 60 countries and from different backgrounds and religions, including Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. All of them are receiving scholarships and an allowance of RM450 per month.- Malaysia World News

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