Aidiladha: Cow costs between RM5,750-RM8,000, average size sheep RM1,200 in Perlis

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KANGAR JULY 9: The Aidiladha celebration today saw more Muslims participating in the sacrifices ritual of slaughtering cows and sheep’s to be distributed to the needies and the poor as compared two years ago when the country was hit by COVID-19 pandemic.

In Wang Besar Village located three kilometres from Kangar, five cows and four sheeps shared by 35 people have been slaughtered to be distributed to the poor and ‘Asnaf” group around the village.

To collect the amount of money, business woman Sofiah Hamid, 55, said a group of people have initiated a system where a leader had been appointed to collect a minimum of RM85 per month for 10 months.

“Currently a cow would cost between RM5,750-RM8,000 depending on the size to be shared among seven people.

The slaughtering of the cows and sheeps during Aidiladha is part of the Nurul Ikhmah, Wang Bintong Mosque activities.

“An average size sheep would cost RM1,200 and only one person is entitled for the “sacrifice offering” during Aidiladha,” Sofiah said when asked about the religious ritual.

According to Sofiah, the “sacrifice” ritual that had been implemented for the past five years in that village was aimed to gather the community and enhance the spirit of cooperation besides creating interest and awareness among the younger generation to observe and participate in the religious activities.

Regarding the Aidiladha prayers in Arau, today the people were seen performing their prayers at the Dataran Istiadat, near Istana Arau.

Meanwhile, the “kutbah” after the Aidiladha prayer was delivered by Chief Executive Officer of MAIPS and Adat Istiadat Melayu Perlis, Mohd.Nazim Mohd. Noor.

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The Istana Arau in a statement said the Raja Perlis Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail had consented the Aidiladha prayer to be performed at the Dataran Istiadat near Arau Istana (palace).

The statement added, His Majesty had consented the space for the Kota Raja area, State Mosque people to perform Aidiladha prayer in the open space (musolla) in line with Prophet Muhammad sunnah besides reducing the infectivity risk of COVID-19 compared to praying in the enclosed area.

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