Aides under investigation by MACC terminated, confirmed HR Minister


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Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar said that five of his aides have been sacked to ensure the ministry can function effectively.

“Yes, it happened. This is to ensure that the ministry can function effectively and smoothly,” Sivakumar said, as quoted by The Star, when reporters met him after an occupational health and safety event in Bangi, Selangor, on Tuesday (May 9).

It was previously reported that three of his aides have been arrested by MACC in connection with an investigation into recruitment of foreign workers.

V. Sivakumar was also called by the MACC on April 16 in relation to the matter.

According to The Star, when the Minister was asked as to why the five people were sacked before being found guilty, he “stayed quiet and left without answering.”


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