Ahmad Zahid claims monetary rewards caused BN to lose in GE15

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KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi claimed that “monetary rewards” was one of the reasons why the coalition lost badly in the 15th General Election.

Ahmad Zahid who is also the UMNO President alleged that voters have received monetary rewards from outsiders and as such they have changed their minds to service politics instead of developmental politics.

He said, even though members of parliament or state assemblymen had served their constituents for the past five years but the people who believed in service politics were easily bought by outsiders.

“There were 500,000 youths aged 18 eligible to cast their votes for the first time in the 15th GE and this is an addition to the cohort groups.

“The political analysts who carried out empirical and non-empirical studies on GE-15 had failed to see that the monetary rewards was the key factor behind the so called “green tsunami,” Ahmad Zahid said in the programme Naratif Khas on TV1, Monday evening.

Looking at the current political landscape, Ahmad Zahid hopes voters will not change their mindsets from “developmental politics” to “service politics” in the coming six state elections, by-elections and in the 16th GE.

The Deputy Prime Minister also alleged that there were outside forces that enforced the break and rule system in the party and also certain individuals too had taken the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions in such a situation.

Referring to the floods that are constantly hitting the country, Ahmad Zahid said, the flood mitigation plans should go as far as 78 years involving the allocation of RM297 billion. The problems facing the people must be solved and this includes erosions affecting the beach and hillsides and also the rain catchment areas.

“The projects will not possibly be granted via direct negotiations to individual or politicians but to the experts and capable people,” he said.

Ahmad Zahid who is also in charge of the Cost of Living Council said, the rise in the cost of living is a global problem and the contributing factors include the costs of transportation and production.

However, the people still needs to continue their lives and this includes food on the table, money in the pocket and shelter on the head.

“The government is focusing on targeted subsidies including the electricity tariffs and ways to lower the cost of productions.

“Even though the rising cost of living could not be fully eradicated but the people could enjoy the benefits given by the government,” he said. –Malaysia World News


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