Ahmad Shabery urges civil servants to maintain good reputation

Chairman of Kemubu Agricultural Development Authority (KADA) Datuk Md. Alwi Che Ahmad (right) receiving a mock card from Chairman of Agrobanks, Tan Sri Mohamad Zabiidi Zainal after completing their cash management project, with the presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry (MOA), Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, President /CEO of Agrobank Dato’ Wan Mohd. Fadzmi Wan Othman and General Manager of KADA, Mohd. Ridzuan Ismail, at the monthly assembly of MOA at Wisma Tani, Putrajaya.

The Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry (MOA), Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek urged civil servants to maintain the reputation and strength of the ministry via promoting good brands and visibility.

Ahmad Shabery said, it is the reputation and visibility that make MOA different from other ministries.

“We will also go to the “rakyat” to gauge their acceptance and trust in our organization. Whatever we do, we must build a “brand’’ and prove to the people that we are reliable to deliver and implement the best services for them,” he said in his speech at the MOA monthly assembly held at Wisma Tani, Putrajaya on Wednesday.    

Before Ahmad Shabery delivers his speech, about 500 civil servants took a swear to avoid any form of corruption.

“The swearing is an act to strengthen the reputation of the ministry,” Ahmad Shabery said. 

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Civil servants taking the integrity swear at the MOA monthly assembly.

Ahmad Shabery stressed that MOA should promote and uplift its brand in order to be the best performing ministry in Malaysia for 2017 and years ahead.

 ”We do not want the good deeds that we do today will become a history if we do not improve, innovate and follow the latest trend in the market for our products and services.

He also mentioned the success of the Malaysian-Agriculture-Horticulture-Agrotourism Show (MAHA 2016) which was held at MAEPS, Serdang from December 1-11, 2016.

Ahmad Shabery was proud of MAHA success as it has attracted 3.7 million visitors, exceeding the number in the 2014 event.

The MOA Minister also reminded that MAHA will one day become a “history” if all concerns do not upgrade their products and instead exhibit the same items without new ideas and innovations in the coming MAHA.

“We have to come out with something different and extraordinary from the previous MAHA. Only through innovations and new presentations, MAHA will succeed to remain popular amongst local people, tourists, and also the international community,’’ he reiterated.        

On the latest development, the Cabinet Ministers have approved that MOA is responsible for undertaking the new plan for MAEPS to become an agrotourism center.

“The agrotourism concept which is to be incorporated at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) is to be the first of its kind in Asia. It will become a popular destination for the locals as well as tourists to bring their families and friends during the weekends,” he said.

He added, the master plan for the agrotourism center at MAEPS, will be ready in three months from now. -Malaysia World News (MWN)


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