Agong Sultan Ibrahim upset and furious over the sale of socks with the word “ALLAH”

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KUALA LUMPUR: His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim was furious and sad over the issue of socks with the word “ALLAH” were on sale in a chain of convenience stores.

His Majesty said, when he attended the opening ceremony of the third term of 15th Parliamentary session last month, he had reminded all levels of the community to safeguard the national harmony and refrain from meddling with sensitive issues involving religion, race and the Rulers.

Hence, His Majesty wants action as hard as possible to be taken on any party that is found guilty in this issue based on the investigation carried by the authority.

“The word ALLAH is viewed highly by the Muslims and more over we are in the month of Ramadan and any issue that will cause anger should not be raised during this time.

“I have just reprimanded and advised on the importance of the multi-racial community to be united and respect each other in my inaugural speech in Parliament and now this matter has been raised.

“Whether it is with intention or otherwise, whether it is imported or not or is produced in the local factory, I want the enforcement unit to investigate and take action the hardest possible following the laws so that the same problem will not be repeated (pisang tidak berbuah dua kali),” said His Majesty at the Royal Press Office (RPO), Tuesday.

His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim also highlighted that it is illogical that a company with Malaysians as their workers have not been aware of such matter.

“For such a long time we have been living in a multi-racial country. The religious and race issue like this cannot be accepted and allowed to happen again,” His Majesty said. – Malaysia World News

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