Actions to restore Malaysia`s financial and economic position – Dr M

dr mahathir pledges to end corruption

The government efforts and actions to restore the country’s financial and economic position have started to bear fruit, thanks to the implementation of various strategies at both national and international levels.

The Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said various initiatives under the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, liberating the country from corruption and abuse of power, strengthening the country’s administration based on the “Rule of Law” and separation of powers, uniting all Malaysians, are being implemented to stimulate economic growth, increase the people’s income, and develop the nation.

He said that in his speech on Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah’s birthday at Istana Negara here today.

The government is fully aware of the increasingly challenging global geopolitical system, including the many barriers to free trade, as well as global currency instability, which contributes to economic uncertainty and may affect the country, Bernama quoted him saying.

“I hope the country will be fully liberated from all forms of corruption so that a New Malaysia can be further developed.

“Development programmes and projects can only be successfully implemented if the country is peaceful and well organised.

“The government will continue strengthening national unity and discharging its duties to preserve racial harmony, ” Dr Mahathir  was quoted assaying.

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