Actions on employers who fail to screen test foreign workers on COVIC-19 effective 1st Jan.2021

samri ismail

KUALA LUMPUR 24 DEC:- Many employers are still not cooperating and adhering to the government’s directive to send foreign workers in the building, factories and commercial sectors to be screened tested for COVID-19 effective 1st Dec.2020.

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, any worker detected with positive COVID-19 will be sent for treatment and all costs will be paid by the employer.

“If any worker were to be detected with COVID-19 at the work place as a result of the employer failing to adhere to the government’s directive, the work place will be closed.

“The Ministry of Human Resources (MHR) has prepared a schedule for workers to be screened tested where the panel clinic will go to the construction site to do the swab tests on workers. We hope all parties will cooperate,” said Sabri in his daily press conference held here today.

Ismail said, in Singapore COVID-19 infections had reached more than 70% and the latest situation was that a female youth aged 17 had been detected with the corona virus and it did not exist in the community but in the form of “variant” and is more dangerous.

Meanwhile the MHR had confirmed that 49,248 foreign workers had been screened tested for COVID-19 with the involvement of 1,990 employers.

However Ismail said, there are still many employers who refused to cooperate to adhere to the government’s directive.

Relating to this issue, the government in a special meeting had agreed to enforce the directive effective 1st January 2021 under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act (342) and actions will be taken on employers failing to adhere to the directive.

The government said Ismail is also actively checking on the foreign workers’ residences under the Workers’ Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities (Act 446) in which employer that fails to follow the directive will be charged and penalised.

“The government is actively checking on the residences of foreign workers under the Act and until today 12 companies that have not adhered to the Act had been charged with 27 allegations.

“The meeting also agreed that it is compulsory for the companies to pay the quarantine and treatment costs of foreign workers with positive COVID-19 that are being transferred to the hospital or quarantine centre and COVID-19 treatment (PKRC),” said Ismail. –Malaysia World News


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