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Malaysia World News (MWN), owned and published by Media Path Enterprise, an accredited media licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Communication and Multimedia and Home Ministry, is a leading English online newspaper based in Kuala Lumpur, offering reliable news about Malaysia and the world from a global perspective. Media Path Enterprise is also the seasonal print magazine “Now Magazine” publisher.

The news portal was first launched in Seoul, South Korea in 2017 in conjunction with the Asian Journalists Association (AJA)  International Press Conference (pic).

Our professional local and international journalists focus on a wide range of human stories, in-depth news reporting, and comprehensive coverage related to news and subjects that matter. We provide the public, especially our valuable readers, with daily news on what is happening in the political, economic, and social spheres in Malaysia. We cover news from Culture and Politics to Economics, International Relations, Tourism, Education, Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, and Sports.

MWN’s main aim is not only to provide news about Malaysia or inform the mass but to promote and connect Malaysia to the world as well.

Malaysian and foreign journalists, political analysts, researchers, and university professors are all welcome to join and contribute to MWN and the community. Support and help us fill the vacuum of information in the English language in Malaysia and Borneo.

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