Abdul Rahman: Several public-listed companies back Bersih move to topple BN government

Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department
Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department -Photo: The Star/ANN

The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department,Abdul Rahman Dahlan said he knows several public-listed companies who are sponsoring Bersih movement to overthrow BN government.

“I know these companies. I will not reveal them,” he told reporters while attending the [email protected] Awards event yesterday.

He said it is hypocrite of them to ask the government for contracts while sponsoring Bersih move to topple the government.

“Some of these are public-listed companies. It is not wrong to sponsor anyone at all but do not appeal to or ask the government for contracts,”

Last Sunday, Abdul Rahman agreed with Utusan Malaysia news editor that companies which sponsor anti-government protests or demonstrations should be blacklisted from government contracts.

The Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and the Public-Private Partnership Unit (Ukas) had been instructed to review the contracts which were given to those pro-Bersih companies.

” Bersih is now just another tool for the opposition rather than a body that supposedly fights for election reforms,” he said.

He also warned that he will not give any business deal to these companies again, unless they stay neutral and do not support such illegal movements.

“I will not deal with you. There are many better companies out there… I’ll give them priority,” he said.

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