A woman in UK jailed six years for having  sex with 14-year-old boy

hannah harris

A UK court had yesterday jailed a teaching assistant for six years after she was found guilty of having sex with a 14-year-old boy in a supermarket car park.

Hannah Harris, 23, tricked the child’s parents into believing he was seeing her daughter Kayla. She  was pretending to be mother of Kayla.

She contacted the pupil’s parents and told them she lived with her fictional daughter Kayla, whom she claimed was their son’s girlfriend.

However, Harris was caught out in January 2020 when the boy’s older brother found out that  ‘Kayla’ was not real and that the woman has no daughter.  The parents had been duped into the belief the boy was seeing someone of his own age.”

Prosecutor Simon Wilshire told St Albans told the court: “As a teaching assistant at his school she (Harris) would have known his age – such activity is a criminal offence regardless of whether he believed himself to be a willing party.”

The court also heard that when the boy sent her a sexual image via Snapchat she sent a naked picture of herself back to him. 

According to UK newspapers, when questioned by the police, she confessed the first contact was initiated when he sent her an Instagram message, adding she stupidly replied and continued talking to him until she agreed to meet him outside school hours.



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