A Vehicle crashed into pedestrians in Melbourne, at least 13 people injured

a car blow into crowd
Victoria state police in the incident scene – Pic(CNN)

Up to 13 people were injured when a car crashed into a crowd of pedestrians outside Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street station around 4.30 p.m on Thursday, media reports said.

Two people have been arrested. Victoria state police call the incident a “deliberate act.”

Sky News said the driver was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed after his vehicle crashed into a bollard by a cable car stop.

Police are currently in the incident scene where the vehicle has collided with a number of pedestrians. 

Some victims were seriously injured in the collision, Ambulance Victoria said.

Witnesses said a white Suzuki SUV with two men inside drove into the crowd, with no signs the vehicle made an effort to slow down, and then crashed into a bollard.

In a tweet, the police urged to members of the public to upload any images of the incident they have to help assist with their investigation.

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