A special variant of the popular Vespa Sprint arrived

Vespa Sprint
Vespa Sprint 2016

Vespa strives to innovate and create premium quality products, to change the way people move; Vespa Is More Than Just A Ride.

Naza Premira Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Vespa scooters in Malaysia, is proud to announce the arrival of the Vespa Sprint Adventure, a customized Vespa Sprint 150cc ABS, in Limited Edition; designed with a unique adventurous look.

Equipped with sporty black matt details, travel accessories, it is produced in two limited colors: Green Matt and Desert Sand, colors that boldly evoke the sense of adventure, passion and joy that Vespa has always given to its enthusiasts. In seventy years of history (on 23 April 1946, Piaggio filed the first official Vespa patent), and after more than 18 million units sold worldwide, Vespa has managed to unite young people from distant and different cultures through a single passion.

The first truly global brand of mobility, the Vespa has interacted with social environments distant from each other, creating different cultural phenomena, characteristics of the reality in which it has been able to immerse itself to take on the role of distinctive protagonist. It has stood at the side of human advancement. It made them soar during periods of economic prosperity.

Known as the scooter with inimitable elegance and dynamism that has made Vespa the most famous and beloved brand in the world, it remains very much, a young and striking icon, offering innovative and trendy products to suit the discerning taste of young customers.

Vespa is synonymous with the adventure and travel concept, with many who have explored the world on a Vespa. One legendary example is Mr. Giorgio Bettinelli who has made trips from Rome to Saigon, Alaska to Patagonia, Melbourne to Cape Town and Chile to Tasmania. In 2006, Giorgio set off on his last trip on a Vespa GT around China which spanned 18 months and covered 39,000 km.

Malaysia will be involved in this dynamic tour as Mark Teo, an adventure and extreme photographer will be part of the convoy. Mark examines life through his lens in unguarded portraiture and paused moments with an abiding interest in extreme sports and urban subcultures. Through this experience he has researched and photographed cage fighters, graffiti artists, motocross riders and boxers.

As our protagonist, Mark will journey off the beaten path to different parts of South East Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. There he will aim to immerse himself in the lives and cultures of the people as well as capture a photograph that best encapsulates the country.

Integral to this story is the Vespa Sprint Adventure Limited Edition, and the various Vespa community clubs who will assist him by ferrying Mark to various points on his journey. Mark will also be joined by various social influencers who will act as his guide and companion during his time in their country. Together they will taste the best in local cuisine, participate in the country’s most colorful and adventurous activities and even get invited to extravagant events held by Vespa and their biking communities.

Graduate with a Master of Mass Communication. 10 years working experience in the media and broadcasting.

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